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Status Vinarija

Status Winery is located in Svrljig in ecologicly clean environment .

The greatest pride of the Status Winery certainly are vineyards of Lipnica at 510m above sea level. Lipnica is an unspoiled oasis of health and so far Winery Status has raised 50ha of vineyards. Wine varieties that are planted at this area are Italian Riesling , Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot , black and white Muscadine and Traminer .

During 2012th year, in order to restore the glory of the winegrowers and winemakers of the Nis region, Status Winery, through exclusive selection of the best grapes from Lipnica, has nurtured wines under the joint name OLD NIS EDITION , in honor of centuries -old and rich wine and winemaking tradition of Nis and the surrounding area . Wine in the series of OLD NIS EDITION bear the names well known in Nis town and the whole of Serbia: Kalča , Zone and Smuk , remembered from well-known literary works of Stevan Sremac . Well-known brands of Status Winery are: Wine from organic grapes-Naisa, Kalča, Zone, Wine for Two , Italian Riesling , Chardonnay, Grasevina, all arising from grapes purchased from winemakers of Timok and Nis vineyard regions . These brands are represented in assortment of all major retails of Central Serbia .

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Wine story of old Niš

In southern Serbia, in the town of Nis in the late 19th century met the old society, the wine spilled low, cheer the soul, spilled the song. The girls giggled merry stories of calcium and Smuka and adding of their old Niško wine. They were amazed at the girls, the girls admired them, joined the shouting and craftsmen, coppersmiths, shoemakers, clerks, bystanders ... Read more

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