red semisweet wine

Semi-sweat red wine, made from Vranac, Cabernet souvignon and Merlo. The commercial and unpretentious wine created to hit taste of large range of audiences and become an everyday habit. Kalča is the wine with good benefits and takes the position of a serious brand.

Packaging: 0.75l and 1l


dry white wine

Exceptionally wite wine with high quality. It refreshes the taste of food, when you drink this wine, it creates the experience that leaves no  one indifferent. It is recommended with green and tomato salad, neutral and cream cheeses, chicken meat, trout and stew, pork and pasta with vegetables and seafood. It is served at a temperature od 8-10 degrees

Packaging: 0.75l and 1l


dry red wine

Dry wine, with light character. The wine has discreet smell of the variety and usual colour that grape can give to the wine. This wine with light tanin strusture can be used with beefsteak and cookes.

Packaging: 0.75l and 1l


Produced from black grape varieties. Convenient wine, rose colour, pleasant muscular smell.

Bohemian discription: flabby, rose, healthy and smelling. This wine makes senses blink and makes love awake.

Packaging: 0.75l and 1l


dry white wine

Smederevka is very fertile grape variety with a low to medium percentige of alcohol and characteristic acids. Table wine is used fresh and quality wine is processed. This wine is used a lot in a coupage with other kinds of wine , which increases the total acidity and thus improves the organoleptic  characteristics.

Packaging: 0.75l and 1l

Vino od aronije (Aronia wine) –

Aronia is a plant of a wide range of uses, very convenient for processing as grapes are. We made a light fruit wine with very low level of alcohol and very interesting tastelink and makes love awake.


Sangria is prepared according to its own affinities and desire, and served from the jug, necessarily well-chilled with unavoidably chopped fruits. Red, and summer!



semisweet red wine

Half sweet  red wine, with message – Wine of love, it is packed  in practical 0,375ml  bottles and standard bottles (0,75l). It is not forbidden to drink it alone, but it is better drink it in wider, chosen society.

Packaging:  1l